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20 January 2023, last update 20 January 2023

A Thumbs Up for Product Knowledge & Expertise

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Every now and then we like to carry out a customer satisfaction survey. After all, it’s important to know if we’re on the right track, and who better to tell us than the very people we serve?

We did our latest survey in 2022, and we found the results really interesting and helpful. Below is a summary of our findings.


Good scores despite a challenging year

It seems that most of our customers are pretty happy with our performance most of the time. They gave us an average satisfaction rate of 8.3, despite 2022 throwing several challenges at us. We’re also delighted that 60% would willingly recommend us to others. We couldn’t ask for a bigger compliment.


Our best score was reserved for our product knowledge and expertise. Respondents gave us an incredible 9.1. We really appreciate that score because we take our product knowledge seriously. And, of course, we do want to be known as experts in the air cargo industry.


A few internal processes to refine

Of course, there is always room for improvement. So, this year, we’ll be setting up ‘continuous surveys’. This means we’ll be asking you how satisfied you are with us at the moment of interaction. For example, when you place an order, request documentation or take delivery of your ULDs.

The idea behind continuous surveys is to help us implement improvements more quickly if our service or products do not live up to your expectations. All the comments will be read carefully, and we’ll continue to work on our internal processes until we reach a level that matches (and exceeds) your expectations.


Appreciating your feedback

As always, we find the feedback we get in these surveys to be incredibly useful. It keeps everyone here motivated. More importantly, it helps us provide the service and the products that you really want. So, if you participated in the survey, we thank you!

See the scores for yourself by hopping over to our customer satisfaction page.

Ben Lakerveld was educated as an Industrial Designer. He joined VRR in 2010 as an Engineer. Over the years he gained sales skills, which finally led to a role as Sales Manager. He’s currently fully responsible for the sales and marketing department, including marketing campaigns. He also looks after some of VRR’s key customers and supports the sales and marketing team whenever needed.

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