23 November 2018, last update 19 July 2021

500th horse stable delivered to ECS

What a milestone! Five years after VRR has manufactured the 100th HML/R Horse Stable for ECS, VRR has now produced over 500 horse stables for dedicated cargo specialist ECS Livestock. To mark this great moment in our partnership, a special logo was designed for the 500th horse stable and festivities were organized for the delivery to the specialist transporter’s fleet.


Successful partnership for almost two decades

ECS knows everything about transporting horses safely and humanely around the world, from pickup and delivery to medical inspections and customs clearing. It’s first-class reputation in the industry is well deserved, so it’s not surprising that it’s the preferred livestock agent for several airlines.
The partnership between VRR and ECS has proved fruitful for both parties over the years. In fact, it’s led to some tremendous advances in horse stable design. ECS was our launching customer for our very popular collapsible horse stable. We certainly couldn’t have designed and produced it without their valuable input.

Collapsible, convenient and cost-effective stables

ECS has been buying horse stable from us since its founding days. It now has a variety of VRR stables in their fleet, ranging from the collapsible HML/HMR stables to the fixed HMJ (see video). ECS is extremely fussy about the stables it uses to transport the horses in its care, so our engineers work hard to design stables that provide the best level of animal welfare and groom safety possible.
Our HML/HMR stables are a great example of that ingenuity. They provide exceptional convenience and safety standards. When collapsed and stacked for return journeys, they take up minimum space on trucks and planes, which cuts shipping costs. Once in storage, they can be easily repositioned, making life easier for warehouse managers.
Film: See VRR putting the finishing touches to the 500th horse stable.

More information?

If you’d like more information about our range of collapsible, fixed and drop-top horse stables, read everything about them on our horse stable product page or call us on +31 104 798 100 for a free consultation.



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