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13 June 2017, last update 1 July 2021

ALP container carries inflatable maintenance shelter

Carrying out emergency aircraft repairs in severe cold, intense heat, relentless rain or driving dust is no one’s idea of fun. In fact, it’s sometimes near impossible. So, an inflatable maintenance shelter is the answer to many a mechanic’s prayer.

This pop-up inflatable maintenance shelter creates a sheltered, controlled work area around an engine, windshield or fuselage so that repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently, no matter how bad the weather is. No hangar is needed, and mechanics are kept safe.

Adapting an all-purpose container for unique cargo

Rolls Royce recently asked VRR to customise the ALP container to transport the Igloo MX Tent in its collapsed state (on a trolley on wheels that one person can wheel around) and some related tooling, lights, heating and other ancillaries.

Three ramps can be installed so the igloo can be loaded in and out of the ALP container with ease. We’ve also added adjustable shelves with straps for storing and securing the related tools.

More info

Do you have unique air cargo? Contact us and tell us your needs. We are specialised in customising all types of ULDs.


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