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3 February 2020, last update 19 July 2021

Certified Horse Stables

Horse stables VRR


VRR is a first-class manufacturer of certified containers for safe, comfortable and efficient transport of livestock. Our state-of-the-art horse stables offer a maximum level of animal welfare and groom safety. The video above shows our HML/HMR horse stable. Since horses are often transported one way, returning the horse stall can be a bit of a headache. The unique feature of this horse stable however is that it can be collapsed for efficient return trips. Nevertheless, although the stable is fully collapsible to accommodate for return trips, the horses’ comfort has not been compromised.

Want to learn more about VRR’s horse stables? Visit our product family page to learn all about the options we can offer with horse air transport. Did you like the video but want to see more? There are two product instruction videos available that show all the details of putting up and folding down the HML / HMR​ horse stable container.



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