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27 June 2017, last update 1 July 2021

JAL Cargo updates fleet with RKN and RAP cool containers

Guaranteeing the safe delivery of perishable products is a priority for temperature-controlled transporters like JAL Cargo, so it’s imperative they choose the right containers. Get it wrong and products like medicine and foodstuffs would expire long before they arrived at their destination. With this in mind, JAL Cargo ordered from us RKN and RAP cool containers to update its dry-ice container fleet and implement the latest standards in temperature-controlled transportation.

Maintaining the right temperature at all times

The RKN and RAP cool containers enable the transportation of perishable goods around the world by maintaining the desired temperature throughout the entire journey. This is thanks to:

  • High quality insulated panels
  • Optimal airflow
  • Multiple sensors monitoring the inside temperature, all controlled and recorded by the Temperature Control Unit (TCU).

The cooling range of both the RKN and the RAP is -20°C to +35°C (-4°F to +95°C), as long as the ambient temperature is between 5 °C and 25 °C higher than the temperature of the goods shipped. The containers are easy to load with dry ice and the lock on the door can be sealed to prevent any unauthorised access.

Tough, certified and custom-designed

Both containers, which for this order come branded with JAL Cargo’s colour logo, can survive the rigours of air transport and the harshness of tropical and arctic environments. They also comply with all the usual airworthiness regulations, including electromagnetical interference (EMI) for on-board usage.

More info?

If you’d like to know more about our range of standard and customised cool containers, please have a look at our product page or contact us. Whatever your cool chain needs are, we have a solution.



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