28 February 2017, last update 5 July 2021

ULDs designed for new CRJ200 SF conversion

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Aeronautical Engineers Inc. (AEI) is a global leader in passenger-to-freighter conversions for a wide range of aircraft. It’s been producing advanced engineering solutions for aircraft owners and operators for over 55 years.

AEI’s latest project is the ‘Large Cargo Door’ Conversion of the CRJ200 SF. This involved installing a 94"x77" cargo door on the left side of the fuselage and turning the main deck into a Class E cargo compartment. The first delivery was to the IFL group at the end of 2016.

PSA pallet engineered to solve loading system question

The converted CRJ200 SF can carry containerised or bulk cargo up to 6.7 tonnes, and offers 8 s-size (61.5” x 88”) pallet and container positions. VRR became involved in this project because special equipment was needed to interface with the cargo loading system.

Our own engineering solution was to develop a (E)TSO-certified PSA pallet. It has a conventional design: a single-sheet pallet comprising a 3mm single aluminium sheet with strong alloy aluminium edge extrusions mounted around the edges. The pallet can be used for shipping general cargo in conjunction with a certified net.

New container designs that optimises space and flexibility

We also created two different designs for containers. The first, which we call the ASZ container, optimises space by matching the container’s contour with the contour of the CRJ200 SF. The second, called the LSY container, offers flexibility because it can also be used in larger single-aisle aircraft like the B737F and B757F (the containers are simply placed back to back).  

The first series of pallets was supplied to IFL Group in February, and they’re already being used with the converted CRJ200 SF.


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