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4 June 2019, last update 11 January 2022

VRR introduces new instruction videos for HML/HMR collapsible horse stables

collapsible horse stables

Over the past few years VRR has delivered hundreds of collapsible stables. Feedback was received from customers that there is a need for additional training videos which would help in training personnel for operation. VRR has listened very carefully to this feedback and has used the past few weeks to record new instruction videos for the HML and HMR containers. Watch the video on building the HML / HMR above and click on one of the arrows next to it to find the video about collapsing the HML / HMR stalls.

By this VRR would like to offer additional service to their customers in order to ensure that operating the stable can be done in a safe, easy and quick manner. Keeping everyone comfortable.



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