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30 August 2022, last update 21 November 2022

VRR showcases its values with a corporate video

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What makes you get out of bed each morning? It’s a simple question, but at VRR, we gave it some serious thought. We asked ourselves what we represent as a company. And then we put our answers in a video.

Our latest production is a quick and engaging introduction to who we are and what our products can do for the air cargo industry. We showcase the values that define us, and we explain what drives us every day.

For those who haven’t yet worked with VRR, it’s an opportunity to see who is behind innovative Unit Load Devices such as the collapsible AAY and the giant RZA.

You can watch the video right here:

thumbnail corporate video

Ben Lakerveld,
Ben Lakerveld was educated as an Industrial Designer. He joined VRR in 2010 as an Engineer. Over the years he gained sales skills, which finally led to a role as Sales Manager. He’s currently fully responsible for the sales and marketing department, including marketing campaigns. He also looks after some of VRR’s key customers and supports the sales and marketing team whenever needed.

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