8 October 2019, last update 22 July 2021

VRR Wins IAE Excellence Award 2019 [video]

The Air5: inflatable container concept

At this year's Inter Airport Europe (IAE) we were honored to receive the Inter Airport Europe Excellence Award in the category interDesign for our inflatable ULD concept: the Air5. Earlier this year, during the World Cargo Symposium held at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, we launched this concept as our inflatable AKE prototype container. We are very happy that our efforts in trying to revolutionise the air cargo industry have been endorsed through this wonderful award.

The IAE jury report about the inflatable container

"VRR is awarded for the inflatable Air5. The inflatable Air5, which weighs approximately 68kg (150 lbs), folds out automatically and takes shape in just 30 seconds using air pressure. To collapse the container, air is released, which takes just two people and one minute. By using materials and techniques that originate from similar applications where operated in extreme environments, no concessions have been made with regard to the structure’s weight, robustness, strength or safety". - Inter Airport Europe

The video shows a short summary of the Inter Airport Europe ​Excellence Award ceremony.​




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