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14 February 2023, last update 14 February 2023

100th Air Horse Stall Delivered to Jettainer

100th air horse stall for Jettainer celebration HML HMR

When we started making ULDs for Jettainer way back in 2010, we had no idea that we’d still be doing business with them in 2023. Now we’ve just delivered their 100th air horse stall, and we think that’s cause for celebration and a shout-out to our long-standing customer.


Supplying a ULD expert for 12 years, and counting…

Jettainer moves, maintains and repairs around 100,000 ULDs in 500 locations around the world. Part of their global success is down to the constant refinement of their service and product portfolio, so we feel proud they’re still coming to VRR for their containers after more than a decade of partnership.

Until 2019, they bought mainly HMJ stalls from us. They then switched to the collapsible version, which can be folded for lower-deck transportation on return flights. Most of their horse stalls are leased to their parent company, Lufthansa Cargo AG, which provides individualised transportation for Live Animals.

“Our customers fly a four-digit number of horses a year to all corners of the world,” says Marcus Bezold, Head of Global Handling Performance Management of Lufthansa Cargo AG. “We appreciate Jettainer and VRR's horse container solutions because they guarantee comfortable travel with minimum stress and maximum safety.”



Stalls designed in collaboration with horse experts

The designs of all our air horse stalls rely heavily on input from equine transporters itself as well as other members of the supply chain, Jettainer and Lufthansa Cargo are important collaborators. Their experience in transporting horses by air has helped us greatly over the years to engineer quality and innovative containers like the droptop and fully collapsible containers.

“The collaboration with VRR is exceptional and their products meet the latest standards. What we like about the collapsible horse stalls,” explains Frank Mühlenkamp, Director Global Operations of Jettainer, “is that they reduce the effort required to position and return empty ULDs without compromising the well-being of the horses on the actual transportation. It really helps us and our customers maximise fleet utilisation. And that’s why we go to VRR. Their certified containers come with all the premium safety and comfort features our customers want.”

We’d like to thank Jettainer for being such a loyal customer. Their continued support for our air cargo products tells us we’re on the right track and encourages us to continue designing perfect-fit ULDs.


Want to know more about our collapsible horse stalls? Hop over to our product page to see features and benefits of the HML and HMR and to download the brochure.

Mike v Berkel,
Mike van Berkel got his degree in Aeronautical Engineering, then got a job with VRR in 2016 as an Engineer. He is now Account Manager for the Express Industry, looking after customers like DHL, FedEx, UPS and Amazon. In addition he also looks after the Asian market. His role makes him a lynchpin between customers and the internal organization, especially when it comes to developing innovative products.

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