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20 February 2023, last update 20 February 2023

Collapsible AAX is now fully certified

Collapsible AAX container ULD being folded down by men

Good news! The collapsible AAX (AAXc) has been certified by EASA. Now that its airworthiness is guaranteed by the safety agency, we can bring this ingenious container to the air cargo market.

We introduced this unique, main-deck ULD at last year’s WCS in London. Much to our delight, its ability to fold and stack when empty has attracted great interest, and several customers are lining up to find out how the collapsible container will work in their operation. Now that the ULD’s airworthiness is officially guaranteed, we can pick up the pace.


Optimising ULD fleet efficiencies and addressing industry-wide issues

The level of interest in the AAXc is understandable once you discover the container’s features. It’s easy to operate and simple to stack (it takes two people, one minute and no tools to erect or collapse). It also matches the standard AAX when it comes to shape, capacity and durability.

This compatibility makes integration into existing ULD fleets straightforward. More significantly, the AAXc takes the air cargo industry a step closer to solving issues such as the global imbalance in ULD stocks and the need to reduce CO2 emissions. It does this by giving airlines and freight carriers the opportunity to:

  • Reduce the percentage of empty ULDs per flight
  • Increase storage capacity in warehouses
  • Cut the cost of repositioning empty ULDs
  • Create more deck space for full ULDs


Want to know more about the AAXc?

Go to the collapsible AAX product page for additional information on its specifications, features and benefits, or contact us directly. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

Mike v Berkel,
Mike van Berkel got his degree in Aeronautical Engineering, then got a job with VRR in 2016 as an Engineer. He is now Account Manager for the Express Industry, looking after customers like DHL, FedEx, UPS and Amazon. In addition he also looks after the Asian market. His role makes him a lynchpin between customers and the internal organization, especially when it comes to developing innovative products.

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