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26 September 2023, last update 8 January 2024

Get inspired by VRR's sustainability video series

At VRR, we’re busy making changes to the way we do business. Sustainability is the name of the game, and it’s creating a lot of excitement here. Individuals and teams around the company are reassessing what we do, how we do it and why we do it. The ideas flowing from all this energy are inspiring.

One thing we’re realising, however, is that not all changes have to be big or conspicuous. In fact, we’re learning that even a few tweaks to our processes and attitudes can make a sustainable difference. That realisation has led to our latest initiative: a video series called “VRR Sustainability Spotlight”.

Each short video takes you behind the scenes at VRR. The intention is threefold: (1) to share with you the changes we’re making to embed sustainability in our culture; (2) to introduce you to the people working hard to make it happen; and (3) to demonstrate that sustainability can be achieved in lots of small and not-so-small ways.


First video reveals new “conscious” travel policy

The series begins with account manager Mike van Berkel talking about the travel policy that he’s recently set up. The idea behind the policy is to make everyone who works at VRR more conscious about their business trips. It takes us through a series of questions, from “Do you really need to make this trip?” to “Can you use public transport to get there?”

The first Sustainability Spotlight video is already available, so please watch it. Keep an eye out for others in the series as they will be posted regularly. We’ll let you know through the usual channels: newsletter, LinkedIn and website.

Geert van Riemsdijk,
Geert van Riemsdijk has been with VRR since 2003. Starting of in a position in finance and IT, he eventually moved into management and became the MD in 2007. He’s incredibly proud that his grandfather and great-uncle founded the company after WWII.

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