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26 February 2021, last update 24 June 2021

Merger Announcement: VRR and IGB Are Joining Forces

Igb and VRR merger

We are pleased to announce the merger of VRR with IGB, a leading provider of certification support that specialises in data-rich and complex engineering and analysis processes.

The merger with IGB, based in Wieringerwerf, Netherlands, undoubtedly strengthens our position in the air cargo industry. The combination of IGB’s strength in product certification and quality assurance and our own expertise in designing and engineering perfect-fit Unit Load Devices will give customers even faster throughput and greater access to specialist knowledge.

Geert van Riemsdijk, our Managing Director, is excited about the merger: “We’ve been working with IGB for more than ten years now. We’re extremely familiar with their people and services, and we admire their ‘Get It Right First Time’ mentality. Both companies will gain hugely from this integration.”

Although IGB will change its name to VRR and work exclusively with us from now on, its people will continue to work out of their existing premises. Matthijs van Barreveld, the current owner of IGB, is also enthusiastic about the agreement to unite the two successful companies:

“This merger gives us the opportunity to move from project-based work to long-term stability and cross-pollination. At heart, we’re engineers, so we’re never happier than when we’re finding practical, cost-effective solutions for our customers. By blending our expertise with VRR’s, we expect to achieve considerable synergy.”

Right now, VRR is working on implementing the structural changes that will facilitate the merger, which takes place on 1st March. Those changes include the appointment of Van Barreveld to Certification Manager.

“VRR’s customers are going to benefit considerably from IGB’s remarkable insights into structural calculations, data and document management, and accelerated lifetime testing,” says Van Riemsdijk. “Likewise, our product development will get a boost. Civil aviation authorities are putting more and more restrictions on air cargo products, so this long-term arrangement with highly experienced consultants is just what we need to meet those increasing demands.”

As with all important business decisions, we will be working closely with all stakeholders to make the integration as smooth as possible. Of course, our customers can be confident that they’ll continue to receive the same high quality air cargo containers which they have come to expect from VRR.

If you have any questions about the merger, please send an email to our sales department at sales@vrr.aero.


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